4 Common Mistakes in Measuring Blood Pressure Level

4 Common Mistakes in Measuring Blood Pressure Level

As a healthcare professional taking a Certification Training Program in Oakland Park, Florida, you may be tasked to measure a patient’s blood pressure for several purposes. Whether you are using a digital or manual blood pressure monitor, it is important for you to concentrate on taking the individual’s blood pressure to avoid inaccuracies. Here are some of the most common mistakes in measuring a patient’s blood pressure.

  1. Wrapping the cuff over clothing
    Wrapping the cuff of the blood pressure monitor over the individual’s clothing is a common mistake made by lay people and healthcare professionals. According to www.healio.com, this error raises the measurement by 5 to 50 points. To prevent this error, you should see to it that you are placing the cuff on the individual’s bare arm.

  2. Improper positioning or posture of patient
    The patient’s position or posture greatly affects the blood pressure reading. For instance, an unsupported arm or feet may cause a difference in the blood pressure result. Therefore, it is essential for you to instruct the patient to sit properly on the chair, to avoid crossing one’s legs, to put one’s feet flat on the floor or on a small stool, to avoid slouching, and to position one’s arm on the table.

  3. Talking or moving while the reading is ongoing
    It is definitely a no-no for a patient to talk or move while you are reading their blood pressure measurement. Leg jiggling, talking on the phone, or tapping the table can raise 10 points to a person’s blood pressure.

  4. Having a full bladder
    It has been proven by many scientific studies that there is a link between a full bladder and blood pressure. Thus, it is recommended for a patient to empty their bladder first before having their blood pressure reading taken.

If you are able to avoid these errors, then you can help doctors and other healthcare professionals arrive at an accurate diagnosis. And with an accurate diagnosis, preventive measures can be taken to improve the patient’s health, such as taking vitamins or changing one’s lifestyle. At Paramount Training Services Corp. we provide Healthcare Training Provider in Fort Pierce, Florida, so healthcare professionals can continue to provide quality service. We mold aspiring individuals to become successful healthcare professionals in the future.

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