6 Things for CNAs to Do When There’s an Emergency


The true test that will measure your ability as a CNA is during emergency situations. While you are not a medical practitioner expected to execute complexed and highly technical procedures, you are not removed from the responsibility to save your clients’ life when they are threatened by sudden health complications.

During emergencies, every single move that you play may save someone. However, it can also be said that even the slightest mistake can already take a person’s life. So as CNAs, what should you do? In this kind of critical scenarios, advantaged are those that know what to do. As a Healthcare Training Provider in Fort Pierce, Florida, here are a few tips Paramount Training Services Corp. can share with you:

  • Control your nerves.
    First of all, you must not be carried away by the situation. As the CNA, you will be the one who’s expected to manage the scene. Despite the severity of the accident or health complication, you must remain level-headed. Get a grip! Draw a few deep breathes and clear your mind.
  • Examine the situation.
    Once you can efficiently think and process once again, try to analyze the situation. Review what happened and figure out what went wrong. Did the patient suffer an accident or was it a health-related occurrence? What kind of solutions do you need? Is the patient in danger or not?
  • Call for help.
    If you realized that professional help is indeed necessary, dial the appropriate numbers right away. Never be too complacent that even if no help will arrive, you will be able to save the patient by your own skills. Disasters happen when you least expect them. Since lives are involved, it is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Keep the patient safe.
    This is especially critical if the patient is unconscious. Avoid staying in crowded and open places. If you can transfer the victim, place him in a room with sufficient ventilation. Position him in a way that will maximize his comfort.
  • Perform first aid.
    If you are capable of doing first-aid measures, perform the same with caution. If there are medications that need to be taken, assist in administering the same.
  • Control the situation until further help arrives.
    Should the situation turn sour, utilize everything in your power to suppress the same. If other medical professionals are around, ask for their help. The more capable persons are involved, the bigger is the chance of the patient’s survival.

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